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Decorator to declare that the method is a message handler.

The decorator accepts an optional CSS selector that will be matched against a widget exposed by a control attribute on the message.

# Handle the press of buttons with ID "#quit".
@on(Button.Pressed, "#quit")
def quit_button(self) -> None:

Keyword arguments can be used to match additional selectors for attributes listed in ALLOW_SELECTOR_MATCH.

# Handle the activation of the tab "#home" within the `TabbedContent` "#tabs".
@on(TabbedContent.TabActivated, "#tabs", tab="#home")
def switch_to_home(self) -> None:
    self.log("Switching back to the home tab.")
Name Type Description Default
message_type type[Message]

The message type (i.e. the class).

selector str | None

An optional selector. If supplied, the handler will only be called if selector matches the widget from the control attribute of the message.

**kwargs str

Additional selectors for other attributes of the message.