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Added in version 0.30.0

A widget which displays a notification message.

  • Focusable
  • Container

Note that Toast isn't designed to be used directly in your applications, but it is instead used by notify to display a message when using Textual's built-in notification system.


You can customize the style of Toasts by targeting the Toast CSS type. For example:

Toast {
    padding: 3;

If you wish to change the location of Toasts, it is possible by targeting the ToastRack CSS type. For example:

ToastRack {
        align: right top;

The three severity levels also have corresponding classes, allowing you to target the different styles of notification. They are:

  • -information
  • -warning
  • -error

If you wish to tailor the notifications for your application you can add rules to your CSS like this:

Toast.-information {
    /* Styling here. */

Toast.-warning {
    /* Styling here. */

Toast.-error {
    /* Styling here. */

You can customize just the title wih the toast--title class. The following would make the title italic for an information toast:

Toast.-information .toast--title {
    text-style: italic;


ToastApp It's an older code, sir, but it  checks out. Possible trap detected Now witness the firepower of this  fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle  station! It's a trap! It's against my programming to  impersonate a deity.

from import App

class ToastApp(App[None]):
    def on_mount(self) -> None:
        # Show an information notification.
        self.notify("It's an older code, sir, but it checks out.")

        # Show a warning. Note that Textual's notification system allows
        # for the use of Rich console markup.
            "Now witness the firepower of this fully "
            "[b]ARMED[/b] and [i][b]OPERATIONAL[/b][/i] battle station!",
            title="Possible trap detected",

        # Show an error. Set a longer timeout so it's noticed.
        self.notify("It's a trap!", severity="error", timeout=10)

        # Show an information notification, but without any sort of title.
        self.notify("It's against my programming to impersonate a deity.", title="")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Reactive Attributes

This widget has no reactive attributes.


This widget posts no messages.


This widget has no bindings.

Component Classes

The toast widget provides the following component classes:

Class Description
toast--title Targets the title of the toast.



Bases: Static

A widget for displaying short-lived notifications.


Name Type Description Default



The notification to show in the toast.


COMPONENT_CLASSES class-attribute

COMPONENT_CLASSES = {'toast--title'}
Class Description
toast--title Targets the title of the toast.