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The <border> CSS type represents a border style.


The <border> type can take any of the following values:

Border type Description
ascii A border with plus, hyphen, and vertical bar characters.
blank A blank border (reserves space for a border).
dashed Dashed line border.
double Double lined border.
heavy Heavy border.
hidden Alias for "none".
hkey Horizontal key-line border.
inner Thick solid border.
none Disabled border.
outer Solid border with additional space around content.
panel Solid border with thick top.
round Rounded corners.
solid Solid border.
tall Solid border with additional space top and bottom.
thick Border style that is consistently thick across edges.
vkey Vertical key-line border.
wide Solid border with additional space left and right.

Border command

The textual CLI has a subcommand which will let you explore the various border types interactively, when applied to the CSS rule border:

textual borders



#container {
    border: heavy red;

#heading {
    border-bottom: solid blue;


widget.styles.border = ("heavy", "red")
widget.styles.border_bottom = ("solid", "blue")