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Added in version 0.6.0

ListItem is the type of the elements in a ListView.

  • Focusable
  • Container


The example below shows an app with a simple ListView, consisting of multiple ListItems. The arrow keys can be used to navigate the list.

ListViewExample One Two Three

from import App, ComposeResult
from textual.widgets import Footer, Label, ListItem, ListView

class ListViewExample(App):
    CSS_PATH = "list_view.tcss"

    def compose(self) -> ComposeResult:
        yield ListView(
        yield Footer()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = ListViewExample()

Reactive Attributes

Name Type Default Description
highlighted bool False True if this ListItem is highlighted


This widget posts no messages.


This widget has no bindings.

Component Classes

This widget has no component classes.

textual.widgets.ListItem class

Bases: Widget

A widget that is an item within a ListView.

A ListItem is designed for use within a ListView, please see ListView's documentation for more details on use.

highlighted class-attribute instance-attribute

highlighted = reactive(False)

Is this item highlighted?