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Remote memory profiling with Memray

Memray is a memory profiler for Python, built by some very smart devs at Bloomberg. It is a fantastic tool to identify memory leaks in your code or other libraries (down to the C level)!

They recently added a Textual interface which looks amazing, and lets you monitor your process right from the terminal:


You would typically run this locally, or over a ssh session, but it is also possible to serve the interface over the web with the help of textual-web. I'm not sure if even the Memray devs themselves are aware of this, but here's how.

First install Textual web (ideally with pipx) alongside Memray:

pipx install textual-web

Now you can serve Memray with the following command (replace the text in quotes with your Memray options):

textual-web -r "memray run --live -m http.server"

This will return a URL you can use to access the Memray app from anywhere. Here's a quick video of that in action:

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